Club Guadalajara facilities - Buga

At Club Guadalajara we have comfortable and adequate spaces for rest, recreation and sports for your whole family.

  • -Soccer field.
  • -Synthetic soccer field five.
  • -2 multifunctional courts for microfootball, basketball and volleyball.
  • -2 tennis courts.
  • -4 bowling alleys.
  • -Board games, ping pong, toad and billiards.
  • -5 pools: babies (1), children (1) and adults (3).
  • -Supertobogán.
  • -Climbing wall.
  • -Children games and jump jumps.
  • -Electronic games room, dynamo or hockey table.
  • -5 rooms for events.
  • -Dining room (self-service bar).
  • -Restaurant a la carte.
  • -Park.
  • -Sanitary batteries and clothing.
  • -Plazoleta of events.
  • -Sports plaza.

Our facilities are ideal for holding your business conventions, serving groups, parties or social and family gatherings.

  • -5 air-conditioned rooms for social and business events equipped with video beam, water and coffee station and internet for data consultation, but not for teleconferences and networking.
  • -Exclusive staff to attend to your event.
  • -Food and beverage service for your meetings.

Meeting Rooms Capacity:

Name HallAuditorium typeU typeWork tableFishbone typeClassroomParty type
Fernando Antonio Martinez3017202020NA
Ciro Cabal Pombo120354010060120
Eduardo Salcedo Ospina503030403540
Big room30035Maximum 30 people recommended250120250
Entertainment roomNANANANANA50
Red room
(new cafeteria)
  • -For the rental of the court you have the right to 34 passes for the same number of people.
  • -It has bathrooms, dressing room, lighting at night, service until 10:00 pm.
  • -For the rental of the court you have the right to 20 passes for the same number of people, 2 sets of 5-unit bibs, ball, electronic board (scoreboard)
  • -It also has bleachers, bathrooms, dressing room, lighting at night, service until 10 pm.
  • -Basketball.
  • -Volleyball.
  • -Indoor football.

-They have lighting for service until 10:00 pm

  • -Salón Rojo: Self-service bar.
  • -A la carte dining room: Events center.
  • -Fast food point with grilled roasts, soft drinks and snacks.
Sector A: Old area.
  • -Pool for adults: Minimum depth -1.25 m. Maximum depth -1.75 m.
  • -Pool for children: Minimum depth -25 cm. Maximum depth -65 cm.
Sector B:
  • -3 Pools for children, youth and adults: Minimum depth 25 cm. Maximum depth –1.40 m. By beach type levels.
  • -1 Nursery pool: Minimum depth -15 cm. Maximum depth -25 cm.
  • -1 Slide: For use by children from 8 years old or a minimum height of 1.30 m. It has inflatable sliders to make the experience more fun.

-For recreation, events, meetings or camps.

-Sports scene with four playing courts, in the value of the line we include bowling shoes and balls. It has an indoor family area, a point of sale for snacks and drinks.

* In low season the bowling alley will be enabled on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
* In high season the bowling alley will be open from Wednesday to Sunday and holidays.

  • -Jump jump.
  • -Inflatable.
  • -Jungle module.
(Applies on weekends and holidays).
  • -Physical security (private): Guards.
  • -Basic health unit: Paramedic.
  • -Management Office.
  • -Located strategically adjacent to the Valle del Cauca Police and Fire Station.


-Permanent recreational programming every weekend.

Registrations the first 5 business days of each month.
  • -Swimming.
  • -Soccer.
  • -Taekwondo.
  • -Basketball.

To go to Sports Academies click here.

Members, users and companies can rent sports equipment and stages at Club Guadalajara during the day or night to practice sports at:
-Natural grass field soccer field.
-Synthetic grass mini soccer field
-Bowling lane.
-Field tennis court.
-Multifunctional court for basketball, microfootball and volleyball.
  • -Soccer.
  • -Microfutbol.
  • -Toad.
  • -Basketball.
  • -Volleyball.
  • -Bowling.
  • -Swimming.
  • -Tennis field.
  • -Table tennis.
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