Services - CEIDEA

Our objective is to contribute to the productive, economic and social development of artisans, microentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of the Department of Valle del Cauca through the improvement of productive processes, comprehensive training of human resources and the promotion of the commercialization of products through: 


In two lines: ENTERPRISE, update workshops of a maximum of 2 hours are given in entrepreneurship, management and business administration (marketing, management and costs) and DESIGN, update workshops of a maximum of 2 hours are given in product development, novel product, social networks as a marketing and marketing tool.


According to the own needs of the microentrepreneur and artisan, we provide advice on corporate image, logo creation, business card, product design improvement.

Creation of marketing spaces

Through the so-called artisan showcase, which consists of artisans being able to display and sell their products on Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm at the Yanaconas and Valle del Lili Recreation Centers in Cali and Parque del Sur in Palmira.

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