Program description

Faced with the development and social justice crises that the country is experiencing and the growing demand for care by the population living in conditions of extreme poverty, Comfenalco Valle delagente undertook, through National and international Cooperation, to manage resources to co-finance various social projects, expand the coverage of its services to the most vulnerable population of the department of Valle del Cauca, through public-private initiatives that seek to reduce the conditions of social injustice, based on the design, implementation and administration of instruments of social policy and the search for a change in attitude towards inequality and poverty.


Manage, channel and follow up on national and international technical and financial cooperation agreements and agreements, aimed at achieving a greater impact on development and the reestablishment of social justice in Valle del Cauca, through the formulation of projects that make it possible to strengthen and expand the coverage of the services currently provided by Comfenalco Valle.

Specific objectives

  • Bring our services and programs to the most vulnerable populations, based on the effective management and high impact of technical and financial cooperation projects.
  • Establish alliances with public and private, national and international entities, with a view to articulating actions of social benefit, optimizing efforts and resources, generating higher levels of sustainability of the processes and enabling greater benefits and impacts in the communities.
  • Systematize within the Fund the lessons learned from the formulation, management, execution, follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of the development cooperation projects implemented for their dissemination and exchange, thus contributing to the generation of knowledge communities.
  • Contribute to the training of the technical team of Comfenalco Valle in management, administration, evaluation and systematization of cooperation projects.
  • Carry out actions to promote the Fund's services and programs nationally and internationally. Likewise, to offer technical and professional advice in the areas of our competence in the countries of the region (south - south cooperation).
  • Contribute to the construction and management of permanent knowledge from the execution of projects.

Contact Us:

Office of National and International Cooperation
Telephone: (572) 8862727 Ext. 2354, 2410 or (572) 8890438
Address: Calle 5 No 6 - 63, Tower C, 2nd floor, Cali - Colombia

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