List of projects

Contribution in Comprehensive Care and Income Generation

The project "Contribution to comprehensive care and income generation for 150 displaced families in the urban area of the Municipality of Santiago de Cali", is the result of the proposal presented by the Family Compensation Fund COMFENALCO VALLE within the framework of the call FOMIPYME-IOM of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism through the Support Fund for Micro and Small Enterprises- FOMIPYME and the financing of USAID resources through the International Organization for Migration- IOM. 

This project becomes the main technical and financial cooperation tool, which seeks to generate cultural, social and economic transformations for 150 families in displacement and vulnerability conditions located in the Potrerogrande urbanization in the city of Santiago de Cali, through the development of income-generating projects that improve living conditions.

Objective of the project

With this initiative, the economic conditions, social practices and coexistence of 713 people in conditions of displacement and vulnerability are improved, through the implementation of a business development and income generation program for 150 families in the urban area of the municipality of Santiago de Cali Valle del Cauca.

Specific objectives:

  • Provide tools to strengthen social and personal skills, leading them to a process that allows them to re-signify their current situation and visualize an opportunity for change and growth.
  • Define occupational alternatives to implement in 50 production units, through processes of awareness, characterization, evaluation of skills, design of the management plan and business development.
  • Strengthen the business development of 100 existing production units by promoting their administrative and commercial management.


The project will directly benefit 713 people grouped in 150 families from socioeconomic strata 1 and 2 located in Potrerogrande and surrounding areas willing to implement a productive project.

Location and duration

The project will run for 15 months starting in August 2009, in the Potrerogrande urbanization.

Lines of intervention

  • Strategic line 1: Human training for development In order to strengthen and create adequate space for participation and coexistence, training activities are planned to help the beneficiaries take ownership of their human dimension and recognize themselves as members. community and identify an opportunity for change and growth.
  • Strategic line 2: Comprehensive training for entrepreneurship and the strengthening of production units Strengthen the business capacity of the beneficiaries and facilitate the creation of new businesses and the strengthening of existing production projects to generate self-employment.
  • Strategic line 3: Establishment and monitoring of business projects Accompaniment for the establishment of income generation projects during the implementation of the business program and performance of the established evaluation processes.

Financing for execution

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism- FOMIPYME$200.892.513
USAID - IOM$229.322.113
Total Project Value$470.956.226

Multiple Center for Educational Services Vallegrande

We contribute to strengthening the educational process of the less favored communities from comprehensive projects, articulated to the potentialities, needs and realities of the local contexts for which the Vallegrande Multiple Educational Services Center is built, aimed at the population of stratum socioeconomic 0, 1 and 2 in high social risk and displacement. In the same way, the basic provision necessary to start operating with 960 children and young people who are not currently inserted in the educational system will be made. 

Project Value $ 2,735,551,079

Agreement with the International Organization for Migration - IOM

It is a project for the implementation of the vocational guidance and training program and technical support for young victims of the Colombian armed conflict with a fiduciary commission as a comprehensive reparation measure, within the framework of Law 1448 of 2011 in the Department of Valle del Cauca.

Project Value $266,510,000

Valle Governance Agreement

The objective is to join technical and financial efforts to implement and establish productive projects in order to contribute to the strengthening of food security and rural development of the 42 municipalities of Valle del Cauca.

Project value $2,470,384,779


  • Improve the diet and the diversity of the diet of people in situations of displacement or return, of the most vulnerable victims and Colombians affected by the conflict.
  • Rebuild the livelihoods of displaced people, with an emphasis on the resilience of communities and the empowerment of women and ethnic groups.


  • Vouchers to buy in associated stores or supermarkets.
  • Participants will receive bonuses for a value of $39,000 pesos / person / month; valid for 30 days.
  • Forbidden to buy: non-food products, cigarettes, liquors, sausages, confectionery, sugar and soft drinks.
  • Éxito stores and local supermarkets.
  • Participants will receive 30-day rations through either the relief or recovery component.
Example of the content of the food ration Kg per participant for 30 daysDelivery method
FoodKgServing portion: It is delivered in Kilo bags. The vegetable oil will be delivered in liter bottles or 4 liter cans.
Wheat flour1

Donations in kind

Comfenalco Valle is requesting donations in kind of medical and dental equipment, technical tools, computers, assistance supplies and reconstruction equipment. All donations in order to complement institutional efforts to reach a greater number of the Valle del Cauca population with new development options and improve services. The In-Kind Donations Program of the Pan American Development Foundation, extends to the least favored or vulnerable people in Latin America. Donors are manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and individuals and institutions that donate new or used equipment.

  • Delivery of endowment equipment: hospital beds, computers, tool kit, paper, blankets, balls, paints, among other implements.
  • Delivery of food linked to income-generating projects.


Office of National and International Cooperation
Telephone: (572) 8862727 ext. 2354, 2410 or (572) 8890438
Address: Calle 7 No 6 - 70 floor 2 Cali - Colombia

Sports training school in soccer

«Sports Training Schools in Soccer» - Project value $ 533,272,880

It is a project co-financed by the Andean Development Corporation -CAF- with resources from Italian cooperation and coordinated at the national level by the National Federation of Family Compensation Funds, FEDECAJAS. This initiative, which benefits 600 boys and girls in the country, is being developed simultaneously in Bogotá, through the Afidro Family Compensation Fund; in Cali, through Comfenalco Valle and, in Medellín, through Comfenalco Antioquia.

Beneficiary population

200 children and young people from socioeconomic strata 1 and 2 of the city of Cali and in a situation of social marginality, which makes them vulnerable groups in the face of drug problems, insurgency, common crime, among other illegal activities.

Execution date

This project lasts 18 months in Cali, between July 2006 and December 2007.

Objective of the project

Contribute to the comprehensive training of 200 boys, girls and young people, through the structuring of Sports Schools that will promote the increase of their individual and collective capacities and that facilitate them to interact and proactively insert themselves in their social context.

Lines of intervention

This project contemplates the following work strategies with the beneficiary children and young people:

  • Sports Implementation: In addition to the pedagogical and didactic material for working with children and young people, each of the beneficiaries will receive a sports kit consisting of a t-shirt, shorts, socks and shorts.
  • Training for parents and sports leaders: 2-hour talks will be offered monthly in order to provide tools that allow them to strengthen the training process of their children, in an effort to build better social beings.
  • Sports training for boys, girls and young people: With a weekly intensity of 4 hours, it applies specific methodologies for the ages, tasks and objectives to be achieved in the technical, motor, tactical, group and theoretical aspects. It will be complemented with periodic sports clinics to support the comprehensive training process.
  • Medical and Sociological Support: To monitor and evaluate the status and progress of medical, psychological and nutritional conditions, a control of the growth and development status of each of the beneficiaries will be established. It includes an anthropometric assessment of weight and height, in this way we will have tools to detect malnutrition states in children. Additionally, support will be offered in the psycho-affective area as an accompaniment to the training and educational process, an activity that will allow us to induce content on topics such as life project, values of coexistence, teamwork and leadership.

Income generation for the displaced population relocated to Potrero Grande

In order to improve the economic and social conditions of the displaced population, through the implementation and strengthening of productive business units and coexistence of 150 families in vulnerable conditions in commune 21 of the city of Santiago de Cali, this Program.

Project Value $470,956,226

Comprehensive Model of Housing Acquisition and Social Recomposition

In order to strengthen the purchasing power of displaced families that have been assigned the National Subsidy for the acquisition of new or used housing, and to consolidate their determination of relocation and / or family reunification, the International Organization for Migration - IOM, Municipal Mayor's Office of Santiago de Cali, through the Special Fund for Housing and Desepaz, the Government of Valle del Cauca and the Comfenalco Valle Family Compensation Fund, began the project "Comprehensive Model for Housing Acquisition aimed at people in the process of reestablishment socioeconomic, located in the city of Cali ”.
The project carries out a comprehensive intervention in 170 households, made up of 907 people who have been assigned the national subsidy for the acquisition of used housing, aimed at the displaced population through Fonvivienda, generating comprehensive scenarios that allow them to increase their purchasing power, accessing an appropriate real estate segment to improve their living conditions through decent and legal housing offers.
Taking into account that the acquisition of these homes brings with it financial obligations that were distant to date, such as public services, property taxes, among others, the income generation component and technical and organizational training are implemented in the project. make it easier for them to obtain financial resources.

Additionally, Comfenalco Valle, as an implementing partner, carries out inter-institutional arrangements that allow beneficiaries to access social service networks such as health, non-formal education in semi-qualified courses, national and regional programs such as Familias en Acción, access to cultural services and recreation as part of a psychosocial care strategy that facilitates the process of integration into the new city that welcomes them.

Objective of the project

Contribute to the socioeconomic and family reestablishment of 907 displaced persons, through the acquisition of urban housing, the generation of income, health and education, facilitating the effective enjoyment of rights in the city of Cali.

Specific objectives

  • Support the management in the acquisition of housing with assigned Family Housing Subsidy.
  • Strengthen the State's response mechanisms to the particular health needs of families.
  • Provide tools to strengthen social and personal skills.
  • Creation, training and strengthening of productive units and / or employment relationships for the 170 families benefiting from the project.
  • Establishment of alliances, agreements and methodologies for the creation of strategic conditions for project intervention.


The project carries out a comprehensive intervention in 170 homes, made up of 907 people who have been assigned the national subsidy for the acquisition of used housing, aimed at the displaced population through FONVIVIENDA.

Location and duration

The project will run for 12 months from May 14, 2009, in which the 170 selected families will benefit.

Lines of intervention

  • Strategic line 1: Acquisition of used housing
  • Accompaniment to the beneficiaries in their process of acquiring a used, dignified and legal home in the city of Cali.
  • Strategic line 2: Income Generation
  • The project includes three modalities: Entrepreneurship (Creation of new productive units), Strengthening of existing productive units or Labor Linkage (occupational orientation and formal labor insertion) and includes advice for the preparation of the plan and accompaniment and monitoring during the duration of the project .
  • Strategic line 3: Training Training will be provided through courses in semi-skilled trades for a family member aimed at improving family income.
  • Strategic line 4: Complementary services: Link to health services, education, recreation, document management and psychosocial and business support.

Financing for execution

InstitutionContribution value in USD$
USAID - IOM$575.000.000
Governorate of Valle del Cauca$340.000.000
Santiago de Cali Municipality Mayor's Office$810.900.000
Comfenalco Valley$69.492.000
Total Project Value$3.514.092.000

Productive women

This program is a contribution to the socioeconomic stabilization of 1,500 productive women heads of household, in a situation of displacement, located in the cities of Cali, Buenaventura, Bogotá, Pasto and San Jose del Guaviare through the implementation, start-up and strengthening of its business units in coordination with the other services offered by the SNAIPD entities.

$ Project Value 6,723,311,000

Community Model of Community Reintegration

Implementation of the community reintegration model - MCR in the city of Santiago de Cali in order to contribute to the strengthening of the capacities of communities and local institutions framed in the policy of reintegration and reconstruction of the social fabric. With the International Organization for Migration - IOM.

Project Value $226,626,775

Employment for Progress, Employment for Prosperity

Contribute to the socioeconomic stabilization of 650 Afro-descendant families and
indigenous peoples and vulnerable population located in the city of Cali (Valle del Cauca), through training and technical labor training, labor linkage and post-linkage follow-up, in coordination with the other complementary services framed in the Policy of Attention to Afro-descendant Population and Indigenous and vulnerable population, under a gender perspective.

Project Value $405,000,000

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