Displaced families receive tons of food aid

Comfenalco Valle and its International Cooperation office delivered 15 tons of food aid to 320 displaced people in this region of the country. These beneficiaries are currently reestablishing their condition with the support of two programs managed by the Family Compensation Fund, the first called 'Comprehensive Care and Income Generation', and the second, 'Comprehensive Housing Acquisition Model'.
This contribution is managed through the PRRO (Extended Relief and Recovery Operation), made up of the United Nations World Food Program financed by voluntary donations and in coordination with entities such as USAID, the Presidential Agency for Social Action and Cooperation. International of the Presidency of Colombia and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, is intended to meet the food needs of populations in a situation of displacement and vulnerable recipients, complementing and supporting the aid provided by the humanitarian and social programs of the Colombian State and other organizations . The total donation of food for the cooperation programs with the displaced population is 15,232 kilos of rice, oil, salt, wheat flour and beans.
The programs for the reestablishment of these displaced families from Cali have the financial support of the United States Government through its Agency for International Development (USAID) and the management of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in association with the Government of Valle del Cauca and the Municipal Mayor of Santiago de Cali.
This is a support to 320 families made up of more than 1600 people who have attended the training sessions for the creation of their productive projects and also to those who have been beneficiaries of the housing program. A total of 170 households are part of the 'Comprehensive Housing Acquisition Model for the socioeconomic reestablishment of Displaced Persons in Cali', and 150 households are part of the 'Contribution to Comprehensive Care and Income Generation for Displaced Persons in Cali' program.
This initiative coordinated by the International Cooperation office of Comfenalco Valle is a continuous social commitment that contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of the less favored population settled in Valle del Cauca.
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