Entertainment events for your workers

We provide your company with the best programs for the entertainment and fun of your workers and their families. We are here to help you improve the conditions of your human talent, we integrate ourselves into your wellness and job performance programs.

We take care of organizing your parties, quinquenniums, product launches, assemblies, anniversaries and end-of-year parties, at our facilities or at your company.

We have a Food and Beverages service that allows us to offer varied and exquisite dishes of typical and international food, as well as decoration, transportation, audiovisual aids and a team of professionals in the entertainment area, who will advise you on the logistics and development of the event in accordance with the intended objectives.

Our offer of services for your company:

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Corporate parties

You can schedule your business parties with us, choosing any theme from our portfolio or requesting a special one you want.

Business parties: corporate birthday celebrations, quinquenniums, year-end parties or specials. These celebrations can be held with different themes or at the request of the company.

New business holidays at the end of the year.

Recreational days for companies

Integration program aimed at company employees and / or their families, in our different recreational centers. This program will allow them to enjoy our facilities and a variety of recreational activities, strengthening the integration of the work team and the family union.

Experiential program where the game is combined with a special theme according to the needs of the organization in a fun environment, develops in the collaborators:

  • Active participation and self-confidence.
  • Leadership.
  • It encourages integration and values.
  • Enhance teamwork.
  • Communication, physical and coordination skills.

Recreational program for companies to celebrate this day with their employees and the family group, where they can enjoy various activities such as:

  • Integration days.
  • Pre sports.
  • Family gymkhana.
  • Children's area.
  • Aquatic recreation.
  • Rumbaerobics.
  • Show.

Recreational day for company employees, with activities to break routine by promoting healthy use of free time, allowing active participation and integration, facilitating teamwork, improving the work environment and providing a variety of spaces to share as colleagues.

These programs can be carried out at our Comfenalco Valle Recreation Centers or at the company's facilities.

Camelot Recreation Day

Camelot Castle is a recreational integration program for company employees and their families. This activity seeks to strengthen family ties through sports games that integrate adults and children in the same space.

It includes:

  • Entrance to the Recreation Centers.
  • Use of facilities (swimming pools, green areas, playground, sports venues).
  • Lunch.
  • Refreshment.
  • Camelot Castle with Medieval game options for 200, 100 and 50 people.
  • Recreator.

It also includes a children's area:
Colored carpet, Indian castle, ball pool, educational games, basic small puppet show and 2 children's reenactors.

Fun marathon

This is a recreational activity that is carried out in stations for tests and games that allow, amid much fun and joy, the development of skills in workers and their families.

Business Recreational Vacations

During the school break season we offer this vacation program for children and young people through experiential activities based on sports, values, health and recreation where the child's training process is complemented while enjoying an attractive and fun recreational play program.

They are carried out in our recreational centers or in places in agreement with all the logistics and infrastructure would need to guarantee the well-being and safety.

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