We are your strategic ally

We are an organization whose main objective is to promote and provide opportunities to promote and contribute to the integral development of the human being, with the purpose of building a productive, supportive and equitable society and in this, entrepreneurs are our main allies.

Benefits for our affiliated companies:

  • We permanently attend to all your requirements, through the Personalized Attention Model.
  • We improve the quality of life of your workers and families by conducting a Business Diagnosis that allows you to design Wellness Plans that meet your needs and expectations.
  • We have a web service through our Virtual Branch that allows you to self-manage the affiliation of your workers, the generation of certificates, affiliation inquiries, news reports, among other operations with the ease and agility that the internet provides.
  • The collection of the Monetary Family Subsidy is easier through our Delagente Wallet and the Services Card.
  • We have the service of meeting rooms and business events in our Multiple Service Center and Recreation Centers.
  • Its workers will be able to enjoy a national network of services in tourism, recreation, culture, training and sports, through the agreement Boxes Without Borders paying the same rate corresponding to your affiliate category in any of these boxes throughout the country.
  • We develop Employment Promotion and Business Entrepreneurship programs.
  • Through our area of National and International Cooperation  we manage resources to co-finance various social projects, expand the coverage of their services to the most vulnerable population of the department of Valle del Cauca, through public-private initiatives that seek to reduce the conditions of social injustice, based on the design, implementation and administration instruments of social policy and the search for a change in attitude towards inequality and poverty.
  • Companies, independent workers and pensioners may settle the payment of their social security contributions through our operator My Worksheet.
  • We have a wide variety of programs and services in our Recreation and Vacation CentersWe also provide different agreements with entities that offer recreation and sports services.
  • In the field of Education We offer various programs which will help you and your employees to be more competitive in the workplace.
  • The workers of your company will be able to access those vacations that they have always dreamed of through the services of the Travel Agency.
  • Business health service where promotion and prevention activities are carried out for members of the family compensation fund. 
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