COVID - 19 mitigation

It is the phase in which the virus is found in the 10% of the population. It begins when there are abundant cases, many with no known origin. It ends when the natural cycle of the disease ends in the last infected person.

How to avoid contagion?

The most effective measure to prevent COVID-19 is to wash your hands properly, with soap and water. Doing it frequently reduces the risk of contracting coronavirus by up to 50%. Similarly, other everyday preventive measures are recommended to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, such as:

Avoid close contact with sick people

When sneezing, cover yourself with the inside of your elbow

If you have cold symptoms, stay home and wear a mask

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

Ventilate your house

Why is confirmatory testing no longer necessary?

Because the virus already remains in the national territory and they are not isolated cases.

How to avoid contagion?

There is currently no specific treatment or proven vaccine for any coronavirus. Treatment is symptomatic and if required, management is carried out according to the severity of the patient.

Know and adopt these prevention measures

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