Update your certificates of schooling and diminished physical capacity.

La Caja de Compensación Comfenalco Valle Delagente recuerda a sus afiliados con beneficiarios que estudian o tienen algún tipo de discapacidad, que renueven o actualicen el certificado escolar y el certificado de capacidad física disminuida. Estos documentos garantizan que sigan recibiendo el subsidio familiar en dinero cada año.

The school certificate or certificate of grades from the educational institution is for the orphan children, stepchildren and / or siblings, who are in their care, between 12 and 18 years of age and who are studying an educational degree. And the medical certificate of reduced physical capacity is for this same type of beneficiaries who have some special physical or cognitive capacity.

How to update these certificates:

  • Affiliates must download the format from the web, click here to download.
  • Fill out this form with signature and stamp at the educational institution or request a certificate of grades that includes the name of the beneficiary, grade and entity.
  • Option 1. Update the document in our Virtual Branch People, click here to enter. Make the registration or log in, and once you enter, select the Individual news option, then click on Make a new person and click on Type of news: attach education certificate.
  • Option 2. Radicar el documento en las oficinas de Registro y Aportes de Comfenalco Valle Delagente en Cali o Regionales.
  • Option 3. Enviar con nombre, cédula y datos de contacto del afiliado al correo de customer service@comfenalcovalle.com.co
  • For the reduced physical capacity certificate you must update it with options 2 and 3.

During the state of health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not strictly required these certificates, since not all educational or health institutions are issuing them with opportunity. If these entities can deliver the document to you digitally, please update it with us.

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