Affectionate farewell to Carlos Castillo Lugo, Head of Communications of Asocajas.

The Comfenalco Valle delagente Family Compensation Fund expresses to the ASOCAJAS family its condolences for the sensitive death of Carlos Alberto Castillo Lugo, Head of Communications of the National Association of Family Compensation Funds in Bogotá.
Carlos Alberto Castillo Lugo was a social communicator graduated from the INPAHU University Foundation in Bogotá with work experience in the newspaper El Tiempo and the Ministry of Development. At present, he worked as Head of Communications for Asocajas, carrying out an outstanding management in the dissemination of the benefits and achievements of the Family Subsidy System, as well as in the task of strengthening ties of friendship between the Compensation Funds in the country.
His family and friends report that the vigil will take place at La Candelaria Funeral Home, Calle 98 #18-23 in Bogotá, starting at 3 p.m. on Sunday, November 8, 2015.
The funeral will be held on Monday, November 9 at 5 in the afternoon at Los Olivos Cemetery in northwestern Bogotá, km 1.7 via Siberia (Exit from the Funeral Home will be at 3:30 pm).
We reiterate to his family and friends the most sincere feeling of regret for his departure, keeping in our memory the best of memories for this dear collaborator.
Peace in his grave.

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