Comfenalco Valle is the most eco-efficient agent in its processes

The 243 solar panels that are part of the photovoltaic system of the administrative headquarters of Comfenalco Valle delagente in Cali, since last September, have managed to positively impact the environment, ceasing to emit 29.48 tons of CO2 into the air of the city, and reducing the consumption of electrical energy in 54,663 kwh, which is equivalent to planting 756 trees.

The installation of this environmentally friendly system allows the Caja to take advantage of the sun's energy to convert it into electrical energy in an innovative and sustainable way, allowing the supply of electrical fluid to the air conditioning systems of the five-story building.

"These renewable energy sources allow saving, being eco-efficient and at the same time contributing to the care of the planet, in a responsible way, taking advantage of the energy from solar radiation, to reduce the levels of carbon resulting from our operation and in this way, impact positively the life of the Caleña community ”, indicated John Borrero Ortíz, Coordinator of Environmental Management of the Compensation Fund.

It should be noted that this system was put at the service of the organization in September 2020, with an investment that exceeds 365 million pesos, and the solar modules have a useful life of 25 years, being a long-term implementation that will reduce the CO2 emissions.

The system has generated the amount of energy consumed by an average of 250 people per month, or also the equivalent of the consumption of 62 families of four members, an approximate monthly total of 9,500 kWh.

This energy sustainability project continues its expansion with two new photovoltaic systems, taking advantage of solar radiation to move the machine rooms of the pools at the Cañasgordas Club Sports and Recreation Centers in Cali, and at the La Rivera Club in Tuluá, soon to be inaugurated. .

On the other hand, the environmental management of Comfenalco Valle delagente in terms of the rational and efficient use of water, has been carrying out processes of capture, treatment and purification of rainwater for its use in the administrative headquarters, the Recreation Center and the Hotel Comfamar in La Bocana, in the Buenaventura district.

In this way, the Family Compensation Fund reaffirms its commitment to sustainable and responsible actions with the environment, and the development of programs and initiatives for the well-being of its members, the community in general and future generations in the region.

We advance for people in sustainable and efficient solutions.


Comfenalco Valle delagente.

Valle del Cauca Family Compensation Fund.

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