Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente, best EPS in the management of gastric cancer in Colombia

Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente was recognized as the EPS with the best management and results in the treatment of gastric cancer in Colombia. This distinction was awarded to our organization thanks to the excellent risk management and quality of the data reporting of high-cost diseases, placing us in a privileged place within the Ranking of EPS Health Promoting Entities and Health Service Provider institutions. IPS, which organizes the High Cost Account (CAC) - Colombian Fund for High Cost Diseases.

The recognitions are delivered through the RankingCAC that determines the entities with the best results in risk management of high-cost diseases, which for this year took into account the following methodology:

  1. Selection of risk management indicators to evaluate, these are defined by consensus.
  2. Calculation of the result of each indicator.
  3. The number of patients managed by each entity was taken into account.
  4. Weighting of data quality and staging.
  5. Score of the indicators.
  6. Calculation of the general score and determination of the position held by each entity.


At Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente we are proud to receive this recognition thanks to the work carried out by the health team and the effort of an entire organization, which works as a team to provide our members with timely and quality services.

Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente

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