EPS release


In Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente we inform the entire population in general that we have been notified of various impersonations in our name, for which we want to alert the public so that they do not fall into the hands of said unscrupulous people, who are taking advantage of the good name of our organization, to carry out improper actions.

The impersonations that are being carried out are related to taking samples for the detection of COVID-19. We clarify that the taking of home tests is only being carried out by our provider MTD - Home Medicines and Therapies, who always attend to provide said service duly identified and carry the official document that supports the taking of the sample.

In addition, we take advantage of this space to inform that the only way in which we are updating data and applying for vaccination against COVID-19 is through our application. vaccines.comfenalcoeps.com 

If you have any questions regarding the provision of our services, please contact us at 485 3530 or 01 8000 185 462.

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At Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente, we are with you!

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