Official statement Emergency Subsidy 002

The Valle del Cauca Comfenalco Valle delagente Family Compensation Fund has been receiving since last April 3, 2020, when the platform and other channels were opened, the applications for the unemployed population affiliated to the Family Subsidy System in accordance with the requirements established in the framework of Decree 488 of 2020, having received 13,123 applications so far.

Taking into account this large number of applicants and taking into account that this benefit can only be granted by the Family Compensation Fund up to the limit of available resources assigned, which we have already fulfilled, we allow ourselves to inform that the applications that entered from the 29th April 2020, the validation process will be carried out, to establish compliance with the requirements of the Law and its respective approval and they will enter a sequential waiting list for their future payment, until the National Government through the Ministry of the Labor dispose and turn the additional resources provided in Decree 553 of 2020 to be able to give attention.

At this time, Comfenalco Valle delagente, in compliance with the provisions of Resolution 853 of 2020, is validating the applications that we have received to define which ones are entitled and which ones are not, however, it is necessary to reiterate that they will be awarded until exhaust the resources that we have allocated for the attention of this emergency subsidy.

For those applicants who have been approved, but whose resources are not available due to their exhaustion, they will enter the waiting list for the disbursement of resources that the National Government is pending to transfer.

We invite our applicants to be attentive to the status of their process through the channels enabled by the Family Compensation Fund. We appreciate your attention and understanding.

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Comfenalco Valle delagente.

Valle del Cauca Family Compensation Fund.

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