Entrepreneurs and citizens present social initiative in Valle del Cauca, with an initial investment of more than $28,000 million

We are proud to share that as a Family Compensation Fund we join the social initiative Compromiso Valle, which aims to contribute to the quality of life of many families in the region.

Entrepreneurs of Valle del Cauca, prominent foundations of the department and citizens of the region have advanced a process of active listening and collective construction that today allows us to present the initiative Valley Commitment, with which it is expected to contribute to the generation of opportunities that transform lives, generate employment, income, new leadership and better education in the region, reaching 7 cities through 6 lines of action that will be executed in more than 15 social programs whose Results will be measured through impact evaluations.

Said priorities or lines of action of the proposal are: food safety where work will be done on the expansion and strengthening of community dining rooms; transformation of life projects that they will work on processes of resocialization and accompaniment of young people; employability that it will offer relevant training alternatives for employment with a special focus on bilingual, socio-emotional and technological training and job engagement; leadership with a focus on training in governance issues, mentoring processes and women leaders; entrepreneurship where there will be support with funds, generation of capacities and commercial connections and finally, education with programs focused on early childhood and the strengthening of educational quality at the elementary and middle school level. This proposal is intended to positively impact the lives of 30 thousand people and their families in the municipalities of: Buga, Candelaria, Yumbo, Cali, Jamundí, Palmira and Buenaventura.

As a result of the constructive and direct dialogue between citizen, youth, foundational and business leaders who have participated in different meeting spaces, today this civil society initiative is delivered to the region and the country that contributes and adds to long-term solutions. term and structural responsibility of the national government. This is a representative contribution at the territorial level to improve life and generate well-being in thousands of young people and families in seven municipalities of Valle del Cauca.

Valley Commitment It is a dynamic initiative under constant construction, the results of which are projected in the short, medium and long term and not only as an immediate response to the difficulties of the current situation. Thus, it is also expected to contribute to the reconciliation and reconstruction of the social fabric that is so necessary in the city of Cali and the department of Valle del Cauca after a period of high uncertainty and confrontation.

The managers of this initiative are ANDI Valle, Cali Chamber of Commerce, ProPacifico, Comfandi and the Vallecaucana Action Unit. The execution of the more than 15 programs that make up the initiative will be in charge of Comfenalco Valle, Alvaralice Foundation, Carvajal Foundation, Fanalca Foundation, Sidoc Foundation, Smurfit Kappa Foundation, WWB Foundation, the Archdiocese of Cali, Pastoral Social Cali, Comfandi, Invest Pacific and the Valle alliance by and for all. Likewise, Acopi Valle, Southwest Regional Amchan, Camacol Valle, Colombian Chamber of West Sectional Infrastructure, Valle Inter-union Committee, Multisectorial Group and Fenalco Valle have joined as allies, as well as companies, citizens and other contributing organizations.

Next Wednesday, June 16, a space for socialization of Valley Commitment which will have the participation of business and social leaders of the region.


More information through social networks and #CengagementValley of the initiative:


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