Vaccinating yourself is taking care of yourself, Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente

Applying the vaccine against Covid-19 is taking care of yourself, at Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente we care about the integral well-being of our affiliates, therefore, we want them to be well informed about the veracity and effectiveness of this new alternative to break the chain of infections, offer immunity and reduce the incidence of severe cases.

With the above in mind, we inform our members about what they should know about the Covid-19 vaccine.

What is a vaccine?

It is a preparation of microorganisms that is injected into a person to generate antibody stimulation, making the immune system fight the virus or disease.

Why should we get vaccinated against Covid-19?

  • The vaccine helps our body develop immunity against the virus.
  • It helps to cut the possible chain of contagion.
  • They are safe and effective as they passed the testing phases.
  • You protect yourself and your family.

What are the side effects of vaccination?

Most people vaccinated against Covid-19 have no side effects. However, some people develop symptoms such as headache, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, cold, fever, redness at the injection site, swollen glands, and malaise within 3 to 5 days after vaccination. general.

How is the vaccination process in Comfenalco EPS delagente?

  • Members of Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente must update their data and apply for the vaccination appointment through the application IPS personnel will be contacted to inform the date, place and assigned time of the vaccination appointment.
  • On the day of the appointment, you must wear the mask and you will receive an explanation of the procedure on the spot.
  • The informed consent for the voluntary application of the Covid-19 vaccine must be signed; if it is not physically carried, the IPS Vaccinator will hand it over to sign it.
  • Subsequently, the vaccine will be applied and the data will be recorded for delivery of the card with the date of the second application, in case it is a double dose vaccine.
  • Finally, for security, the member will be observed for 30 minutes.

What are the vaccination IPS of Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente in Valle del Cauca?


  • Northeast Headquarters.
  • New Clinic of Cali.
  • Versalles San Marcos Clinic.
  • Christus Sinergia calle 9.
  • ESE north: La Rivera and Hospital.
  • Home Medicine and Therapies - extramural vaccination.


  • Palmira Headquarters.


  • Yumbo Hospital.


  • Pilot Hospital


  • Hospital Luis Ablanque de la Plata

At Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente we continue working with the firm intention of providing our members with opportunities for treatment, care and benefits, which allow us to always seek their well-being, through high-quality services provided in a timely and pertinent manner.


We advance x lagente with high quality health services for the care and well-being of Vallecaucan families.


At Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente, we are with you!


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