Make a rational use of resources such as water and energy

The sustainable tourism policy what applies in our Comfenalco Valle delagente hotels It invites us to make rational use of natural resources, drinking water and electricity. So it is everyone's duty to raise awareness of the importance of preserving these resources from non-renewable sources with good practices.

During the period January to October 2019, more than 253 million liters of water were consumed in the hotels Yanaconas in Cali and Villasol in Cartago, almost the equivalent of 12,600 tank trucks with a capacity of 20 thousand liters.

This consumption figure equivalent to the same period of this year 2020 had a decrease of 90.7%, due to the closure, a reason for the health emergency that is currently being experienced, of these Hotels and recreational centers, represented in the consumption that is made of bathrooms, swimming pools and food preparation by users and collaborators.

Therefore, Comfenalco Valle delagente committed to the environment invites you to practice the following habits of use at home, office or hotels if it is the case:

  • Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth.
  • Do not use the toilet as a trash can.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Equip the toilet with double flush buttons.
  • It uses aerators in the taps, they reduce the flow up to a 50%.
  • Install heads on faucets and showers with flow limiters.
  • Use the washing machine or dishwasher when they are full or half load.
  • Water the plants at night.
  • If there are water leaks in the pipe, report them.

In the case of energy

Energy consumption has also had a decrease of 41.6% between January and October of this year, being 224 thousand kilowatts of energy in 2020 compared to 384 thousand kilowatts the previous year.

It is very important that you consider applying the following tips in our hotels and also in your daily life:

  • Turn off lights when they are not needed.
  • Defrost the fridge from time to time.
  • In a washing machine, carry out short washing cycles and in cold water.
  • Use LED type bulbs, they consume less.
  • Unplug equipment such as a computer, WIFI, cell phone chargers or television when you are not going to use it.
  • Turn off everything that you are not going to use.

At Hotel Comfamar La Bocana

Actions are carried out for the benefit of our affiliates and users, one of the most outstanding events is the water purification plant that supplies the consumption of the Comfamar Hotel in La Bocana, Buenaventura.

The Colombian Pacific region is an area with difficulties in the treatment and distribution of drinking water, for this reason from our Environmental Management we decided to implement a system of treatment and purification of water from rain, a resource available and abundant in the region.

Rainwater meets the physical-chemical conditions to establish a purification process (Resolution 2115 of 2007). The maintenance and monitoring of this water system is carried out by means of an accredited laboratory, which verifies the conditions of the treated water for human consumption.

In this way, we comply with a fundamental right of access to drinking water in sufficient, healthy, acceptable, accessible and affordable conditions for personal or domestic use (Sentence T-740/11). 

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Comfenalco Valle delagente.

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