We work on the prevention of possible infections in Comfenalco Valle

The Comfenalco Valle delagente Compensation Fund has scheduled a series of special days of disinfection and asepsis in areas of public use and work spaces of the organization, in order to keep these places free of infections and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These cleaning activities, scheduled for every 14 days, are led by the Logistics area, and reinforce the daily workdays that are usually carried out in the organization. Our cleaning and cleaning staff are prepared and trained to handle and manipulate the elements and supplies necessary for this work. The sessions include deep cleaning and disinfection of workstations, walls and all floors of the facilities, this as a preventive measure for the safe return to work, in the event of possible exposure to contaminated surfaces or objects.

The cleaning procedure is carried out with disinfectants endorsed by INVIMA, which contain antimicrobial agents, active ingredients and / or degreasers, subjected to high temperatures, which denatures the fragile outer lipid layer that protects the virus, preventing its mutation and spread.

This initiative is initially carried out at the main headquarters in Cali and later it will be programmed in the Regional headquarters, Hotels and Recreational and Sports Centers.

Control measures to enter our facilities during the working day:

  • Physical distancing: demarcation to respect the distance to the entrance of Tower C, Comprehensive Service Center (CIS), PEC delagentey Registry and Contributions.
  • Disinfectant gel dispensers to activate with the foot located at the entrance of the elevators in Tower C, at the customer service points and at the administrative headquarters of our regional offices.
  • Sensors or guns for temperature measurement.
  • Rugs with disinfectants for shoes at the entrance to Tower C and in the basement elevators.
  • Requirements of the protocols defined in the regulations issued by the National and Municipal Government, such as the use of face masks, gloves, use of masks by personnel who require it and permanent hand washing.

Demarcation work has also been carried out for the delivery of medicines in the Comfenalco Valle delagente EPS Drugstore and the installation of tents in the Plazoleta of our main headquarters in Cali so that users can carry out their procedures more protected and comfortable.

At Comfenalco Valle delagente we take care of you, that is why we promote activities that reduce the risk of contagion for a safe return to work and care.





We are #delagenteEnCasa



Comfenalco Valle delagente
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