Do you already know the services provided by the Employment Agency?

With transparency and agility, the Comfenalco Valle delagente Employment Agency works day by day to provide more benefits to the community and businesses in Valle del Cauca. In our offices, people who are unemployed or who wish to improve their current working conditions are guided during their employability processes. Similarly, registered companies benefit from the unconditional support provided by our Agency in their personnel preselection processes.

In fact, in order to help workers maintain the Social Security and Family Subsidy conditions that they had when they were working, they are granted the Unemployment Insurance (FOSFEC) benefit for 6 months, as long as they comply with the requirements established by law.
Additionally, seeking to provide ease of mobility to those who are doing the Employability Route, the Agency is delivering 3,212 MIO cards loaded with 22,400 pesos each to those who meet the required profile.
On the other hand, the Agency has been linked to important national initiatives such as the Periodic Economic Benefits mechanism (BEPS), which seeks to provide a peaceful old age to many Colombians in unfavorable financial conditions, and to the "40,000 First Jobs" Program that provides remarkable work experience to its beneficiaries and offers companies the opportunity to increase their productivity thanks to the young talents financed by the program for 6 months.
Finally, in order to support and advise registered companies in their personnel selection processes, the Employment Agency provides additional services such as: home visit, selection process, tests and professional interviews of applicants for the position, among others.
The Comfenalco Valle delagente Employment Agency is an option for everyone.

Comfenalco Valle delagente Cali Employment Agency Reports:
(57 + 2) 886 2727 dial 2 and then option 8.
The Comfenalco Valle delagente Family Compensation Fund, a member of the Family Compensation Fund Association, ASOCAJAS, generates social well-being for low- and middle-income workers and their families.

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