Benefits for our people

We belong to the people and for the people.

The objective of the family compensation funds is to ensure that working people and their families are given spaces and opportunities to improve their quality of life. At Comfenalco Valle Delagente, we take this objective further, seeking the construction of a productive, supportive and equitable society through the integral development of the human being.

To fulfill this great purpose and satisfy your dreams we focus on
The service, based on the principles of warmth, kindness and sensitivity to the needs of our members and non-members.

Programs and Services for affiliated workers and their families:

Comfenalco Valle Delagente gives you the best options in Family Compensation Fund.

So you can enjoy the best recreation plans, subsidies and education, health and housing services that you can access in Valle del Cauca or other regions of the country through our network of agreements.

Our organization's main objective is to promote and provide opportunities to promote and contribute to the integral development of the human being, with the purpose of building a productive, supportive and equitable society.

Get access right now to one of the best solutions to improve your quality of life and that of your family. Discover how at Comfenalco Valle Delagente we promote these solutions day by day to give you the best.

Know the affiliation requirements of the worker and his family group:

How to affiliate your parents to the Family Compensation Fund?

How to request an affiliation certificate or update your data?

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