Receive your monetary family allowance quickly and easily.

Follow these steps:

1. Search and download the Copper application in the Play Store

2. Access the Delagente Wallet.

3. Register and verify your monetary family allowance.

4. Locate a point Win-SUPERGIROS * or Superstores y Drugstores Olímpica.

Descarga la App en:

Delagente Wallet

If you are a member of the Compensation Fund, and you receive the family allowance in cash, download the App Cobre Billetera Delagente to withdraw your monetary fee in Gane-SuperGIROS points. We also have a withdrawal and purchase agreement at Supertiendas y Drugstores Olímpica.

In this application you can:

Withdraw the monetary fee from your cell phone and without handling fee.

Make purchases with the monetary fee in establishments in agreement through QR codes.

* Withdraw the fee in cash at no cost (two withdrawals per month) at the Gane-SuperGIROS establishments in Valle del Cauca.

Withdraw or buy the monetary fee at the Olympic Superstores and Drugstores.

Check the payment points of the
monetary subsidy from the Gane-SuperGIROS network

Mister Affiliate beneficiary, consume the family allowance before three (3) years so that the right does not prescribe - Article 6 Law 21 of 1.982.

Do you know how to register in App Cobre Billetera Delagente?

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