Subsidy Advance

It is a line of credit that grants a credit quota to the worker who is a beneficiary of the family subsidy according to the amount he receives monthly, for which he must meet the requirements mentioned below and can only be requested for the following destinations:

  • • School season.
  • • Health services and drugs not covered by the POS.
  • • Payment of Property Tax.
  • • Overdue Pensions.
  • • Purchase of SOAT.
  • • Purchase of Computer Equipment.


  • • The credit study will be free.
  • • The credit amount is equal to 10 times the value of the monthly subsidy to which the member is entitled or up to a maximum amount of eight hundred thousand pesos ($800,000).
  • • The payment method is by crossing with the monthly Family Subsidy, so you should not carry out any monthly procedure for payment, unless you lose the right to pay the Family Subsidy.

The interest rate is fixed for the life of the credit.

TO16.77 %1.30 %
B18.16 %1.40 %


  • • Be an active worker of companies affiliated to the Comfenalco Valle Delagente Compensation Fund and beneficiary of a family allowance for the last six (6) months consecutively. See requirements to be a beneficiary of the Family Allowance.
  • • Have a labor relationship for more than 1 consecutive year, with a fixed or indefinite contract or more than three (3) years for work contracts or contracted work.
  • • Being over 18 years.
  • • The company, the applicant and the joint debtor, must be in good standing with Comfenalco Valle Delagente for all reasons.
  • • In the event that you only receive for one beneficiary, they must not be older than 17 years.


  • • Application for Natural Person Credit duly filled out.
  • • Blank Family Subsidy Credit Release authorized by the company.
  • • Copy of the Identity Document extended to 150%
  • • Labor certification no more than 30 days, indicating position, salary, seniority and type of contract.
  • • Support annex according to the destination of the credit.
  • • PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION, The applicant must present a photocopy of the payment receipt or certificate from the school with the name of the beneficiaries and the amount to be paid. Applies on the dates of:
  • • CALENDAR A: From November 5 to March 15.
  • • CALENDAR B: From June 1 to September 30
  • • PURCHASE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND UNIFORMS, The applicant must attach a copy of the list issued by the educational institution and its quotation by a stationery with signature and logo, for the purchase of uniforms the quotation of the store that sells them, these quotations should not exceed the validity of 30 days. Applies on the dates of:
  • • CALENDAR A: From November 5 to March 15.
  • • CALENDAR B: From June 1 to September 30.
  • • HEALTH SERVICES The applicant must present a copy of the quotation for the service, and the RUT of the entity making the quotation.
  • • PAYMENT OF PROPERTY TAX The applicant must present a copy of the current property tax receipt, which must be in his or her name or that of one of its beneficiaries.
  • • PAYMENT OF OVERDUE PENSIONS the client must present original certification from the college specifying the default, the value, the period of default and the beneficiaries for whom it is in default.
  • • PURCHASE OF SOAT the client must present a copy of the property card and previous SOAT in his or her name or that of one of its beneficiaries. The purchase of the SOAT will be made through an agreement with the insurance broker Garces Lloreda.
  • • PURCHASE OF COMPUTER EQUIPMENT the applicant must submit a quotation for the equipment to be purchased and the RUT of the entity making the quotation.


The disbursement is made by electronic transfer to the bank account registered in the application.


Download or request the credit application at our offices and fill it out.   
 Attach the documents required for the application.File the documents in our offices.Comfenalco Valle Delagente will validate that it complies with what is required to grant the credit.Comfenalco Valle Delagente will make the disbursement in the bank account registered in the credit application.
Download or request the draft at our offices and request the authorization of your company.Sign Promissory note.  
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