Comfenalco Valle Delagente promotes culture as a fundamental axis of the individual and society, which allows cultivating knowledge and guiding artistic expressions towards new perspectives and forms of socio-economic and cultural manifestation.

We have developed several programs virtual where we integrate art actors with our society

Monthly we offer to the affiliated and unaffiliated public variety of programming cultural v shapeirtual, based on different artistic manifestations such as dance presentations, concerts, festivals and children's theater seasons in order to contribute to the strengthening of local, national and international groups and to open spaces that contribute to the formation of more active and sensitive audiences. cultural dynamics of the city.

Check the schedule at: Agenda Delagente enCasa

Contact and reports:
Headquarters Cali - Comfenalco Valle Delagente.
Address: Calle 5 # 6 - 63 (Tower C Floor 2)
Telephone: (57+2) 886 27 27

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