Comfamar Bilingual School


The Comfamar Bilingual School opened its doors in February 2008, as the greatest contribution of the Compensation Fund to the educational needs of the affiliated families and the entire community of Buenos Aires with the firm conviction that: Buenaventura deserves a School that provides Quality Education with the English Language as a second language to provide communicative and cognitive tools to the new generations in order to make them citizens of the world, capable of interacting in the present with English-speaking people and in the future, taking on any job or performance challenge that includes proficiency in the English language.


Be the best private educational institution in Buenaventura and one of the best educational institutions in El Valle del Cauca, developing an academic administration, a coexistence and administrative committed to the academic excellence, the domain of English as a second language, the existence of values in all the educational community and the leadership and impact of the institution, in the surrounding neighborhoods where is located its headquarters, according to the cultural expressions to reach a healthy institutional environment.


To educate holistic and integrally to promote students' leadership and English domain as a second language The educational establishment has to be a space to mingle where one can practice and internalize values to the formation of a good person and citizen. that allow offering an optimal service to the educational community.   

Educative offer

  • English as second language
  • Implementation of values linked to civility and civility
  • Pedagogical outputs
  • Parents school
  • Psychoorientation

Comfenalco Valle Education Institute

This school for young people and adults is the opportunity provided by the Compensation Fund for the affiliated and unaffiliated population to carry out their studies in basic primary and secondary education as required by the Ministry of Education in Colombia, and to continue with the process educational in its next stages of formation. 

Resolution No. 4143.0.21.2302 of March 20, 2015 and Resolution No. 4143. of July 18, 2017

Finish your Primary and Baccalaureate studies BY CYCLES (CLEI)
And improve your opportunities for Life and Work.


CYCLE II (4-5º) -40 WEEKS
CYCLE III (6-7º) -40 WEEKS
CYCLE IV (8-9º) -40 WEEKS

CYCLE V (10º) -22 WEEKS
CYCLE VI (11th) -22 WEEKS

Curriculum oriented to training by Basic, Citizen, General Labor Competencies - Transversal Pedagogical Projects Mandatory by Law. Student Welfare- Pedagogical Exit- Preparation, Drill and Registration for the SABER ICFES 11th Tests-Promotion of continuity at Higher education levels -Ideal teaching staff.  

SCHEDULE: Weekly Morning (Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) - for minors from 15 years old to 18 years old.

Saturday (7:00 am-12:40 and 1:40 am to 6:00 pm) -exclusively for adults  

Flexible Hours: For closed business groups

Subsidized Education 100% for Categories A and B

 Learning Guides, Personal Accident Policy, Student Welfare Plan oriented to Permanence, vocational exploration and strengthening of the Being, Registration with the ICFES and Simulation Tests SABER 11th Subsidized 100%. Articulation with the Level of Education for Work and Human Development from Cycle IV (8-9º), allowing them to simultaneously study the Baccalaureate with the Technical Labor Program in Administrative Assistant.
* Conditions and restrictions apply / We reserve admission rights / The affiliate must assume the payment of the Procultura Stamp Tax and Student Card ONLY



The Basic and Middle Education Program by Cycles for Adults and young people abroad, offered by the Comfenalco Valle Education Institute, is aimed at people who due to various circumstances did not complete the educational level or degrees of public educational service in primary and high school , during the regularly accepted ages to study them, as well as those people who wish to improve themselves through education, obtaining the certification of Basic Primary and / or Basic Bachelor (8-9th) or Academic Bachelor (11th), or who wish improve skills, enrich knowledge and improve technical or professional skills.


To train competent citizens for life and work, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life, through a comprehensive, inclusive and contextualized pedagogical proposal.


By 2027, the IECV will be the leading Institution at the local, regional level with national projection, in the provision of the service in Basic and Middle Education for Adults and young people in extra-age; generating human development and qualification to the affiliated population and the general community contributing to a country in peace and in solidarity.




  • Basic and / or Academic Bachelors
  • People with Basic, General Labor and Citizen competencies, which allows them to interpret and act responsibly and proactively in the face of life's challenges.
  • With a spirit of improvement and permanent education to achieve your life project


  • Be a member of the Comfenalco Valle Category A and B Family Compensation Fund
  • Comply with the established age requirements, described above.
  • Request the scheduling of the date and time of the admission interview.
  • Photocopy of the identity document extended to 150%: Citizenship card, identity card or civil birth registration for minors who do not have an identity card.
  • Accompaniment of the guardian in the interview and enrollment for minors
  • Certificate of affiliation to EPS (valid for no more than 30 days)
  • Certificate of the last year taken and approved for those who are interested in entering from Cycle IV (8-9th) to Cycle VI (11th), in original and copy- (this document is mandatory at the time of presenting the admission interview).
    Carry out the Diagnostic Test for those interested in entering Cycle II (4-5th) and / or for those who wish to start Cycle III (6th, 7th) who do not have a study certificate.

Once admitted, the user must present for enrollment:

  • Have been admitted.
  • Two passport-size photos on a blue background.
  • Present SIMAT withdrawal support issued by the educational institution, from which the admitted person comes
  • Cancel the value of the Procultura Stamp Tax -1.5% from the value of the tuition and the student card (without exception Categories A and B).
  • Communicate at the time of enrollment medical, psychiatric and / or disability conditions that you have.
  • Sign the registration form and the certificate of acceptance of the manual of coexistence with the guardian (if he is a minor).
  • Cancel the value of the Procultura Stamp Tax and the student card, (without exception Categories A and B).
  • The student who has a vehicle must provide its description (type of vehicle, license plate, model, color, name and ID number) in order to be granted the student rate to use the parking service. of this information will cause the full payment of the fee in the study days, without exception.
  • Submit completed the characterization form received in the interview.


(40 weeks for Basic cycles and 22 weeks for Medium cycle)

BASIC -CYCLE II (4-5º)-40 weeks- 10 months
CYCLE III (6-7º) and CYCLE IV (8-9º)-80 weeks, 40 weeks each, 20 months
HALF: CYCLES V (10º) and VI (11º)- (22 weeks each), 10 months both cycles


CYCLE II (4-5º)

  • Math,
    Geometry and Statistics
  • Spanish Language and Reading Plan
  • Foreign Language Induction
  • Natural Sciences and Environment
  • Social Sciences and Citizen Skills
  • IT and IT
  • Physical Education, Recreation and Sports
  • Artistic education

CYCLE III (6-7º) and CYCLE IV (8-9º)

  • Math,
    Geometry and Statistics
  • Spanish Language and Reading Plan
  • Foreign Language Induction
  • Natural Sciences and Environment
  • Ethics and values
  • Social Sciences and Citizen Skills
  • IT and IT
  • Physical education,
    Recreation and Sports
  • Artistic education

CYCLE V (10th) and VI (11th)

  • Math
    Spanish Language and Reading Plan
  • English-Foreign Language
  • Chemistry
  • Physical
  • Ethics and values
  • Philosophy and Political and Economic Sciences
  • IT and IT
  • Physical Education, Recreation and Sports
  • Artistic education
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