Corporate social responsibility - PIRSE

With a broad vision of the role that our organization plays in the strategic business development processes of Valle del Cauca and especially in the socioeconomic progress of the communities that are being affected by their daily activities, the Management of Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation, It is the area in charge of planning, managing, promoting and streamlining RSI processes, and positioning it as a management system among companies in Valle del Cauca.

PIRSE is the Comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Program, designed by Comfenalco Valle delagente since 2009, to meet the needs of its affiliated companies regarding issues related to good practice in Human Rights, Environment, Labor Relations and Corporate Governance and practices anti-corruption.

This program uses the ISO 2600 guide, THE Global Reporting Initiative GRI, the 10 principles of the Global Compact and the SDGs, with which it seeks to respond to the ethical commitments that companies should have with society and thus transform them in a sustainable way and enhance their competitive advantages in the global market.
Its OBJECTIVE is TO CONTRIBUTE to the installation of CSR Management Systems in organizations, in accordance with global standards, considered in ISO 26000, Principles of the Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative GRI.

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