Family cash allowance

Value of family allowance in money 2021


Effective as of February by Resolution No. 0046 of January 29, 2021.

The family allowance in cash is a social benefit that is aimed at workers affiliated with our Compensation Fund, whose fixed or variable monthly remuneration does not exceed four (4) current legal monthly minimum wages.

Also that family income does not exceed six (6) legal monthly minimum wages in force and that they have dependents who may be beneficiaries of the subsidy, such as:

  • • Legitimate, natural, adoptive children and stepchildren and orphaned siblings of both parents, with economic dependence on the worker, up to 18 years of age. After the age of 12, they must prove schooling in an approved educational center, it must be formal studies and correspond to the current academic period.
  • • Parents of the worker over 60 years of age and who are financially dependent on the worker.
  • • The beneficiary may receive the family allowance in cash as long as they do not receive any income, salary or pension.

Payment of family allowance in money

The Compensation Fund has three forms of payment of the monetary contribution of the family allowance for affiliated workers who have beneficiaries and meet the requirements of the law:

Delagente Wallet

Through a mobile App, downloadable from the Android operating system application store, the payment of the family allowance for retirement is made at the Gane - SuperGIROS and Supertiendas Olimpica payment points in Valle del Cauca.

Electronic transfer

We turn the family allowance fee in the bank account provided by the worker. Collecting the subsidy in cash is easier and you can redeem it at commercial establishments and ATMs arranged by your bank.

Services Card

Through this personalized plastic with magnetic stripe, hologram and barcode security systems, we electronically provide each beneficiary worker with the Family Allowance payment. It allows you to pay for your purchases or withdraw up to 100% in cash in establishments linked to the network of agreements.

Check your family allowance from our App

You can see the family allowance in cash paid each month in your Services Card or bank account. Make it very easy:

  1. 1. Enter the App.
  2. 2. Login or register.
  3. 3. Select subsidy option.

Dear affiliate beneficiary, consume your monetary family allowance before three (3) years so that the right does not prescribe - Article 6 Law 21 of 1.982.

How to check the balance or value of your monetary family allowance?

Do so by calling our hotline

Dial 1 and follow the instructions

Find out here the procedure for the expiration of the family allowance

Monetary installments of the family allowance soon to be prescribed

School certificate

To continue receiving monthly family allowance for your children, stepchildren or orphaned siblings of parents between the ages of 12 and 18, you must prove your schooling to the Compensation Fund, by means of an original certificate or a copy of the latest report card. Remember to renew the study certificate.

To facilitate the annual update, your Comfenalco Valle Delagente Family Compensation Fund will send your company the school certificate format or, if you wish, you can download it here.

Update the school certificate in our Virtual Branch:

  1. 1. Enter Virtual Branch People.
  2. 2. Click on Online membership procedures.
  3. 3. Login or register.
  4. 4. Click on Individual news.
  5. 5. Click on Make new person.
  6. 6. Select the type of novelty: attach school certificate.


  • • For calendar A students, their educational term begins from January to December of the current year.
  • • For calendar B students, their educational term begins from September of the previous year to August of the current year.
  • • For technical, technological and university students of the first semester of the year, its validity is from January to June of the current year.
  • • For technical, technological and university students of the second semester of the year, its validity is from July to December of the current year.
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