Pathways of care affiliate diagnosed with Cancer

Know your path of care

Member diagnosed with Cancer

If you are a member of Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente and have been diagnosed with Cancer, we inform you of your care route during the COVID-19 contingency.

Cancer care - Imbanaco Medical Center

The care at Imbanaco Medical Center will not present changes during the COVID-19 mitigation process. However, keep the following recommendations in mind in order to protect your health.

External consultation - Before requesting an appointment

For scheduling appointments, dial the phones 385 1000 - 518 6000 - 382 1000; During the call you must inform your interest in teleconsultation. You must have a computer or cell phone with internet access, audio, microphone and video.

Subsequently, you will receive an email with the instructions for the payment of the moderator fee and the completion of the informed consent.

The payment of the moderating fee can be done in two ways:

  • Electronic payment through the link that is sent in the mail. You must send the proof of payment back to the mail.
  • By depositing a bank account that can be done virtually or physically, the proof of payment must be scanned and sent to the email sent.

The Imbanaco Medical Center will be in charge of carrying out the process of requesting authorizations to Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente, internally.

After verifying the payment, the Imbanaco Medical Center will contact you by phone to confirm the time and date of the virtual appointment. Mail will also be sent with the access link to the appointment.

External consultation - Before requesting an appointment

For the day of the teleconsultation you must make sure that your communication device has a battery and that it has access to the Internet.

You must access the email link 5 minutes before the agreed time of the appointment:

  • Enter your email to the message where the appointment information was sent and click the link to access for the virtual consultation.
  • If your email is from Gmail, remember that you can access it through the invitation sent to your calendar, by clicking on the option "Join Hangouts Meet" or "Join the video call".

You must click on the option "join me now" and validate that the microphone and camera are active

The doctor with whom your appointment was assigned will connect and you will be able to clarify any doubts regarding the care of your illness.

Medicine delivery

If you are under active treatment with the use of hormonal drugs or chemotherapy, you should bear in mind that:

  • All medications that must be applied parenterally: intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular or through any catheter (PICC, implantable, central catheter), will continue to be applied at the Imbanaco Medical Center in person, according to the schedule that you have been informed . Please, if you have any questions about medications of this type, contact the telephone line: 382 1000, Exts. 41317- 41318- 41315- 41314- 41322
  • Oral medications (tablet, blister, capsule presentation) will be dispensed at home and also in person. If you have any questions about medications of this type, you can contact the telephone line: 3821000 Exts. 41320 - 23226

The authorization process for all cancer medications will be carried out internally between the Imbanaco Medical Center and the Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente.

If you require medications that are not part of the delivery of the Imbanaco Medical Center (those not related to cancer treatment), these must be claimed at Cafam drugstores. For users over 70 years of age, home delivery has been arranged as follows:

  • If you live in Cali, Jamundí or Yumbo, call lines 485 4777 or 620 6565
  • If you live in Palmira, call cell phone 316 5218251

Emergency services

As a user, you will have access to the emergency service of Centro Médico Imbanaco considering the following observations:

  • If you are a minor with a diagnosis of cancer that requires emergency services, a family member must first contact the telephone number 311 3335612. The telephone call will guide you on how to access the emergency service.
  • If you are a patient over 18 years of age with a diagnosis of cancer, you must enter through the door of Calle 39 (old emergency area).
  • If you have undergone a bone marrow transplant, please call the phone number 317 5024222 before going to the emergency room. During the call, you will be guided on how to access the service according to what has been identified.

No more than one family member per patient or more than one companion is allowed for a period of 12 to 24 hours.

The Clinical Laboratory of Tower B will be the only service in operation from Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Radiation therapy activities will continue to be offered to patients who need it on a regular basis.

The surgical area will be dedicated exclusively to urgent procedures and priority procedures. The other surgeries may be deferred according to the review of each treating physician.

The areas of diagnosis and treatment (endoscopy, invasive and non-invasive cardiology, laboratory, radiological studies, resonances) will direct their activities to care for patients whose situation is of an urgent and / or priority nature. The imaging unit is located on floor 0 of the Imbanaco Medical Center headquarters.

No more than one family member per patient or more than one companion is allowed for a period of 12 to 24 hours per patient. The use of elevators is restricted, their movement is limited to a maximum number of people per circulation. Upon entering the institution and leaving the elevator, each person must wash their hands.

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