Affiliate Care Routes Diagnosed with Cardiovascular Risk

Know your path of care

Member diagnosed with Cardiovascular Risk

If you are a member of Comfenalco Valle EPS delagente and have been diagnosed with a Cardiovascular Risk disease such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity, we will inform you of your route of care during the COVID-19 contingency.

A health professional from the IPS you belong to will carry out a teleconsultation if you already had a scheduled appointment. The formula and the medical history of the consultation will be sent to your email and in case of not having it, a relative, not older than 60 years, must go in person to claim your medical formula at the Cafam dispensing points.

If you present any signs of cardiovascular alarm, the emergency service for your attention will be the Nueva de Cali Clinic.

Attention Kidney and Heart-liver transplantation Unit - Imbanaco Medical Center

If you have had a kidney, heart or liver transplant, the Imbanaco Medical Center Transplant Unit will carry out comprehensive monitoring through teleconsultation with the medical team.

Patients who require laboratory tests, samples will be taken at home and medical formulas will be sent to patients via email, with the digital signature of the treating physician. If the patient does not have a medical formula, relatives are instructed to approach the Transplant Unit to claim the order.


Attention in the Anticoagulation Clinic - Clínica Nueva de Cali

If you are an anticoagulated patient, the program nurse will contact you by phone to control coagulation levels, adjust medication doses, and educate you on warning signs.

The program has set up a WhatsApp line 310 2112524, where you can communicate and clear up all doubts regarding your health needs.

Attention in the Cali, Jamundí, Palmira and Yumbo Dialysis Unit - RTS and Buenaventura - CEDIT

If you are in the Dialysis Unit, you must continue with your dialysis therapy according to the measures already established in the Renal Unit. Renal units are available for the city of Cali, Palmira, Yumbo and Jamundí in RTS and CEDIT for the Buenaventura district.

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