How do I take care of myself?

We have created this section for our affiliates. The section How do I take care of myself? It is divided into three information segments, the first: promotion and prevention It contains guidance on actions that can protect us from diseases such as vaccination and how to detect alterations early depending on our age in order to try to correct them with the support of our health services. In the second segment named pregnant We found actions aimed at seeking the best possible health for the pregnant woman and her child. The third segment we call diagnosed disease It contains warning signs, recommendations, guidance, etc., for people who have been diagnosed with a diagnosis such as Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Heart attack, etc.

When we consult the doctor or other health professionals, we have heard at some point of self-care, but do we know what this term really means?

Self-care consists of those activities aimed at maintaining or improving our own health, that of our family and that of our community. They are those actions that we carry out at home, at work, at school, etc., to improve our health conditions and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Self-care of health is a right and it is a duty, since we all have the right to receive guidance and medical attention regarding our health care, but we also have the responsibility to follow medical recommendations and maintain habits that do not affect our state of health. nor put our community at risk.

We seek that self-care is advised, for this we use different channels to provide information. In some cases, it will be convenient for you to print the material that we have provided on this site and comment on any doubts that may have remained after reading it with your doctor or treating nurse in the Basic Care Health Services Unit where it is georeferenced or in which you usually consult.

ACT: 12022014
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