PBS affiliations

If you have questions about the completion, consult the instructions or watch the video tutorial.

IMPORTANT: Once completed, the user must send the form to: E-mail commercial adviser who advised him or to the
Affiliations email: affiliationsepscv@epscomfenalcovalle.com.co

Occupancy codes

Below you will find the document with the list of occupations, to fill out the affiliation form with the 2-digit code according to your current occupation as a contributor and that of your beneficiaries.

This field is necessary to comply with Resolution 4505 and 4496 of December 28, 2012.

In cases that do not apply, code 99 must be filled out.

Contact for affiliations

Comprehensive Service Center Street 5 No 6-63
Cali hotline: 4853530 option 3 National hotline: 01 8000 185 462, option 3

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