Social participation - Users Association

What is Social Participation in Health?
It is the exercise of the power of each one, to transform the sphere of the public according to the common good, in this framework, participation in health is the possibility for the subjects to build quality of life (social construction of health) as social and political action. This participation of citizens seeks to promote and facilitate decision-making and the strengthening of social control of public management in matters related to health and quality of life.
See Decree 1757 of 1994 of the Ministry of Health.

You can participate through the following spaces:

  • Associations of users or leagues of users of the EPS.
  • Public accountability hearings.
  • Citizen consultations

What is the Users Association?
It is a group made up of members of the contributory regime, the subsidized regime, who will ensure the quality of the service and the defense of the user. All users may participate in the institutions of the health system by forming user associations that will represent them, before the institutions that provide health services and before the companies that promote health, public, mixed and private order. Those not affiliated to a Service Provider Institution or Health Promotion Entity may participate in user associations belonging to the public IPS in which their health services are provided as unaffiliated poor population.

Some of the functions of the Users Association: advising its associates in the ways of accessing the services of the EPS, and the provider network, maintaining communication channels that allow them to know their concerns and try to provide solutions, exercise oversight over the quality of services

Los usuarios de EPS delagente han creado la Asociación de Usuarios cuya razón social es “ASUCOM EPS”, organismo cívico sin ánimo de lucro, integradas voluntariamente por personas naturales afiliadas a EPS delagente que se denominan usuarios. Para comunicarse con la Asociación de Usuarios de EPS delagente, o para asociarse a la misma, puede acercarse a la oficina de Atención al Usuario ubicada en Calle 5 # 6 – 63, torre C, piso 2 – mezzanine.

Be an ACTIVE user and PARTICIPATE in this important space!

What are Public Hearings?

La EPS delagente Valle, una vez al año convoca, programa, organiza y desarrolla la rendición de cuentas a
través de las Audiencias Públicas, en la que se informa la gestión adelantada en la prestación del servicio, el manejo presupuestal, financiero y administrativo, así como los avances y los logros obtenidos como producto de las reuniones concertadas con las asociaciones respectivas.

What are the Citizen Consultations?
It is a space for interaction promoted by the Delegated National Superintendency of Health, for the protection of the user and citizen participation, where all the actors of the system come together to publicize proposals for improvement plans in the provision of the service and / or irregularities that are being presented in the administrative, budgetary, disciplinary and operational management, among others, that are violating the rights of health users. An EPS customer service representative is required to attend these public inquiries, who will attend to the requirements made by the user and will endeavor in real time to provide a definitive solution to their request.


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