Health insurance portability operation

This section indicates the conditions and rules for the health insurance portability operation Throughout the national territory.

Click here to See decree-1683 of 2013

What is Portability?

It is the guarantee of accessibility to health services in any municipality of the national territory, for all members of the General Social Security System (Decree 1683 of 2013. 

Portability applies to the following cases

  1. Emigration Occasional: transfer from the municipality where you currently receive health services to a different one within the national territory for a period not exceeding one (1) month.
  2. Emigration Temporary: When the affiliate moves from his affiliation address to another municipality within the national territory for a period of more than one (1) month and less than twelve (12) months, the EPS must guarantee his assignment to a primary IPS in the receiving municipality and from there, access to all the services of the Obligatory Health Plan. If the temporary conditions of the transfer persist for more than one year, the member must request an extension for up to one more year. From this moment on, temporary emigration will be considered permanent and the member will have to move from EPS. 
  3. Emigration Permanent: When emigration is permanent or definitive for the entire family nucleus, the affiliate must change EPS, joining one that operates the respective regime in the receiving municipality. 
  4. Dispersion of the family nucleus: When, for work, study, or any other reasons, any of the members of the affiliated family nucleus, fixes their residence in a municipality of the national territory other than the affiliation address where the rest of the family nucleus resides, regardless of the emigration be it temporary or permanent.

How to request Portability?

The contributor must make the Portability request before Comfenalco Valle EPS, through the following channels:
  1. User service hotline 4853530 Option 6 or 018000185462.
  2. Face-to-face at the PAI, Tower C and Headquarters, Documentation Center, through FOR-GIAF-005 Portability Request, completed and signed by the contributor. See EPI addresses
  3. Via WEB - Click here Online transactions
  4. Via Email, to the Mailbox portability.

The request must contain at least the following information:

  1. Full names and surnames
  2. Type and identification number
  3. Sociodemographic data (Address, Neighborhood, Telephone, Cell, Email)
  4. Type of emigration (Temporary Migration - Group dispersal)
  1. Full names and surnames
  2. Type and identification number
  3. Socio-demographic data where the member emigrates (Department, City or Municipality, Address, Neighborhood, Telephone, Cellular, Email)
  4. Length of stay or temporality (start date-possible return date)

The EPS, within ten (10) business days following the request, will inform the affiliate of the IPS to which they have been assigned in the receiving municipality. While the requested assignment is confirmed, emergency care or occasional emigration will proceed to the place of emigration.

If the member with an active portability process, returns temporarily or occasionally to the place of membership, they will only have emergency services at this place.

If the emigration of the affiliate ends before the scheduled time, they must inform their EPS to proceed to reverse the portability and assign a primary IPS in their new place of residence.

Health assurance figures

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