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We are pleased to welcome you to our EPS - Online Transactions portal. In this site you will be able to access in an easy, agile and simple way the following services that we have available for you.  

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Health Module

  • Through this option you can generate:
  • POS membership card.
  • Consult the current IPS and request the change or assignment of the IPS.
  • POS affiliation status certification, including weeks and family group if desired.
  • Certification of contributions to the POS.
    Additional UPC (Capitalization Payment Unit) certification.

Finance module

If you are an independent worker through this option you can enter the new disability module

  • File disabilities.
  • Check the payment status (Rejected, unauthorized, authorized, in validation of occupational medicine, pending, paid).
  • Load pending media.
  • Carry out the registration of the means of payment or update it.

* We have available for you the customer service line at the national level 018000127006 where a team of advisers is trained to attend to any concern or recommendation for improvement.

ACT. 25102017

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