As a Health Promoting Entity, our fundamental purpose is to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, and the productivity of companies, guaranteeing timely, pertinent, comprehensive, reliable and safe health services, promoting the adequate use of services and health self-care.

  • Coverage of a wide variety of supplies and specialized elements to reduce risks and complications in surgical procedures, which favors a rapid recovery of the state of health.
  • Covering with special anesthetics to reduce the risks of complications and side effects and to provide adequate pain management.
  • Coverage of supplies and contrast media for diagnostic tests.
  • Immobilizer coverage for the care of orthopedic problems.
  • Supply of special elements such as double J catheter for the management of kidney stones, ostomy buttons in general and others for hospital use.
  • Comprehensive management for spinal problems, with the support of a team of professionals composed of a Physiatrist, Neurosurgeon, Psychologist, Neurologist, Nutritionist, Occupational and Physical Therapist, among others. Plan provided through the Column Clinic.
  • Accompaniment of the pregnant woman by the husband at the time of delivery.
  • Newborn care by pediatrician.
    Comprehensive mental health program that complements the initial care of the member in their critical stage, with a social and family approach, through therapeutic support groups with institutions such as the Love Clinic, the Affection Clinic and the Adolescent Clinic.
  • You have the possibility of having the concept of a specialist at the time of the general medical consultation, for a better resolution and diagnosis of the case, which avoids new trips, request for an appointment with a specialist doctor and the payment of the corresponding moderating fee .
  • Complementary packages for dental treatments not covered by the POS with special rates and payment facilities.
  • Access to services not contemplated in the Mandatory Health Plan through our Family Compensation Fund agreements for the worker and their family group.
  • From the moment you join, you and your beneficiaries can enroll in institutional programs for health promotion and disease prevention, in order to prevent or control possible complications in a timely manner. Continuous day care in own facilities.
  • Supply of drugs to hospitalized patients in generic or commercial presentation when the patient requires it.
  • Once the consultation is finished, the member can claim their medications at the Comfenalco Valle drug stores, without additional travel for authorization and claim.
  • Supply of medicines 24 hours a day, in comfortable drugstores and with products from the most serious and best pharmaceutical laboratories that guarantee quality and effectiveness in treatments.
  • Comfenalco Valle EPS grants you three vouchers per person and per calendar year to be used for routine clinical laboratory services, x-rays and the supply of medications at no cost. It also gives you a bonus for dental check-ups.
  • Request for telephone appointments where you can choose the day and time, without having to leave your home or office.
  • Availability of appointments in general medicine between 48 and 72 hours.
  • Extensive hours of continuous medical and dental care, from Monday to Saturday at the different locations.
  • Guarantee of authorizations 24 hours for hospital treatment derived from emergency care throughout the national territory through line 018000 185462.
  • Deconcentration of the validation of rights at emergency entrance doors through the Internet in the Provider network, which facilitates access to the service.
  • Comprehensive home care that includes specialized advice, training, permanent monitoring and accompaniment with social work for people who care for the sick at home, through the Caregivers Program.
  • All the offices have the necessary administrative infrastructure that will allow you to request the services derived from the consultation, in the same place, avoiding unnecessary travel and providing comprehensive care and greater comfort.
  • We serve the 90% of the services provided by the Obligatory Health Plan in our own headquarters, with qualified professionals, complete infrastructure and high-quality supplies. We have IPS in Cali, Jamundí, Palmira and Yumbo, a characteristic that facilitates access to different health services.
  • Breadth in the network of affiliated IPSs, carefully selected for their technological quality and recognized professional level in the main municipalities of Valle del Cauca such as Cali, Jamundí, Palmira, Yumbo, among others.
  • Timely and easy confirmation of rights and access to the medical history of each member at all locations, through an online information system.
  • Permanent clinical audit in medicine and dentistry for all services provided directly or through the affiliated network, which allows us to guarantee comprehensive care of the highest quality.
  • Permanent support to the hospitalized member through nursing personnel who visit clinics and hospitals, to guide the family in administrative matters, provide emotional support and monitor the quality of care of the IPS assigned.
  • The Comfenalco Valle Clinic in Cali, offers the parents of the newborn the possibility of making the immediate affiliation to the EPS, carry out the notarial registration and baptize the child, within the facilities of the clinic.

The IPS Comfenalco Valle offers you other complementary services not included in the POS, such as:

  • Medical exams for the entry and retirement of workers.
  • Occupational health:
    • Occupational medical consultation.
    • Health promotion and disease prevention activities such as vaccination, visual acuity, deworming, height and weight, cardiovascular risk, taking cytology, taking blood pressure, educational talks, oral hygiene, etc.
    • Periodic medical examinations according to the needs of the company.
    • Advice for job relocation.
    • Preventive medical check-up for company executives.

ACT. 27012016

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