About us - Comfenalco Valle EPS

We were born as Family Compensation Fund since 1958, later, as a result of the evolution of the entire Social Security System, the need arose for the Family Compensation Funds to expand their objectives and functions of social impact towards their affiliates in their programs of health, initially opening medical and dental offices, and providing vaccination services in June 1965; later, as a result of the reform to social security carried out through Law 100 of 1993, in its article 181 it established that the Family Compensation Funds could constitute Health Promoting Entities, and choose to provide health services.

This is how it was authorized in 1994 by the Superintendency of Family Subsidy through Resolution No. 04046 of December 21, 1994, the constitution of the program "COMFENALCO VALLE ENTIDAD PROMOTORA DE SALUD and by the National Superintendency of Health, to function as EPS; Through Resolution No. 0177 dated March 22, 1995, and the operating authorization was updated through Resolution 008676 of 2018, which is valid for 5 years to operate in the contributory and subsidized regime in Valle del Cauca.

The EPS Comfenalco Valle serves its affiliated population through the IPS health service provider institutions, the complementary and hospital network in Cali, Jamundí Yumbo, Palmira and Buenaventura, with facilities that allow our users to be treated with high standards of quality, with a superior and humanized service

We grow hand in hand with the people and by the support of our users who trust us with their needs, for that we are ready and prepared, to serve and provide the best of our organizational culture.

Manage the comprehensive health care model to manage the Benefit Plans efficiently, offering SUPERIOR SERVICE and safety to our patients, guaranteeing long-term sustainability

Consolidate by 2020 as an Administrator of Health Charity Plans creating and protecting value with a humanized care model, keeping patients and families satisfied.

  • We work as a team to achieve results.
  • We generate credibility and trust through our actions.
  • We improve every day what we do, to be more effective.
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