Sustainable tourism policy

Aware of the importance of supporting a sustainable tourism development, in the Comfenalco Valle’s hotels, we are committed to providing services complying with the requirements of our interested parties, legal provisions and the standards of the Hotel and Tourist sector, as well as the utilization of A sustainable way of the natural, sociocultural and economic resources necessary for our activity.

We are committed to the preservation and protection of the region’s heritage, promoting tourist destinations where our hotels are located, preserving traditions, improving our processes in order to mitigate any negative impact and by developing sensitize and training actions to motivate and raise awareness about the principles of sustainable tourism, promoting the rights and duties of our employees, customers and suppliers.

We reject the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSEC), any method of child labor exploitation and the different forms of discrimination- We work together with the competent authorities to prevent such acts and we denounce any case that may arise.

  • Supervise the application and compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Encourage reduction, reuse, recycling of waste.
  • Rationalize the consumption of energy, water and natural resources.
  • Publish to the clients, suppliers and employees the concepts of sustainability with which the Corporation works, including the promotion of their rights and duties.
  • Increase customer satisfaction in relation to Comfenalco Valle’s hotel products and services.
  • Generate alliances with the Territorial and Tourist Entities, in order to promote the tourist destinations of the regions where our hotels are located.
  • Prevent exploitation, violence and sexual commercialization of minors.


  • Prohibit the entry of children and adolescents to places of lodging, bars and other places where tourist services are provided, for purposes of exploitation or sexual abuse.
  • Report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, ICBF, National Police and other competent authorities, the facts related to the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and ensure that there are channels within the hotel for the corresponding complaint.
  • Inform clients, guests, suppliers and collaborators of the Hotel about the legal consequences in Colombia of the exploitation and sexual abuse of children and adolescents, through the means of communication established by the Corporation.
  • Train hotel staff, clients, guests and suppliers who, due to the nature of their activities, have contact with tourists, in the face of the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children.
  • Placing in a visible place of the Hotel this Annex, which is an integral part of the Code of Ethics and Good Governance of the Corporation and other commitments aimed at protecting children and adolescents.
  • In the case of minors, request an identity card or a civil registry, to verify a link that identifies him / her with first-degree consensual relationship with the person making the reservation or is in charge of the minor. If the person is staying with a minor relative other than the child, a letter of authorization from a parent must be requested to stay. In any case, lodging will not be allowed when it is suspected that it may be a case of sexual abuse of minors.
  • Refrain from giving information to tourists, directly or through collaborators, about places where sexual services are coordinated or provided with minors.
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