We have specialist psychologists, experts in providing tools for the effective job search that will accompany you in:

  • Preparation of your resume.
  • Preparation for a job interview.
  • Identification of your basic skills.
  • Referral to soft or technical training according to your work profile.

According to judgment C-473 of 2019 issued by the Constitutional Court to access guidance and training services you must meet the following requirements:

  1. That your employment situation has ended for any reason or, in the case of being independent, your contract has fulfilled the agreed term and does not have any other, or does not have any source of income.
  2. That you have made contributions one continuous or discontinuous year to a Family Compensation Fund during the last three (3) years for dependents and two continuous or discontinuous years in the last three (3) years for independent persons.

If you meet these requirements, you will be contacted by a psychologist who will take care of your job orientation.

To access this service have the following requirements available:

  1. Computer or smartphone.
  2. Time availability, approximately 30 minutes during the call.
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