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Family cash allowance

It is the monthly monetary fee that we pay you for each person in charge, if you meet the requirements of the law. See more…

Special allowance

Double share of family allowance in money for those beneficiaries (children, stepchildren, parents, orphaned siblings of both parents). See more…

Simultaneous cash family allowance

It is the monetary installment that we pay to you and your spouse for the same children, if the sum of your wages does not exceed the four (4) current legal monthly minimum wages (SMMLV).

Extraordinary death benefit

Sum equivalent to 12 monthly payments of allowance for the death of any of the dependents for whom you receive the monthly cash allowance. See more…

Additional subsidy, solidarity of the city with the countryside

An additional 15 % is paid on the ordinary family allowance in cash, to the beneficiary worker who works for a company whose economic activity corresponds to the agricultural sector, according to the International Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities ISIC.

Subsidy in services

It is the right that you and your beneficiaries have to use the Caja's social services, such as education, culture, recreation, tourism, loans and housing, with preferential rates.

Housing Subsidy

It is a contribution in money, which is granted only once to the beneficiary's home, without charge of restitution, which constitutes a complement to the savings and / or the resources that allow them to acquire, build on their own site, or improve a home of interest Social. See more… 

Unemployment insurance - FOSFEC (Solidarity Fund for the Promotion of Employment and Protection of the Unemployed)  

The Unemployed Protection Mechanism is a strategy of the Government and the Compensation Funds to alleviate the effects of unemployment, improving the skills of the unemployed person. FOSFEC is a component of the Unemployment Protection Mechanism, administered by the Savings Banks and in charge of granting benefits to the unemployed population that meets the access requirements. See more…

Know the best keys to access the subsidy

Here you can read some tips and recommendations for the monetary family allowance that we have for you and your family.

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