Rights and duties of members of the Compensation Fund

Find out here the rights and duties that members of the Family Compensation Funds have in Colombia:

  1. 1. Receive a treatment with kindness, honesty and respect for their human dignity and equality without discrimination for social, racial, economic and ideological reasons, as well as the protection of honor, reputation and private and family life.
  2. 2. Receive a service with quality and safety standards in the established times and conditions, within an adequate infrastructure.
  3. 3. Free access to an offer of products and services according to the rate corresponding to their category.
  4. 4. Receive clear, timely, truthful, updated and complete information on the benefits, products and services offered to the member, user and their family, through the different means enabled by the Fund.
  5. 5. Receive information on the rules, regulations and policies of the Compensation Fund and the Family Subsidy System.
  6. 6. Know the procedure to affiliate with your family group, complying with the requirements and conditions established by law and receive an identification that proves you as an affiliate.
  7. 7. Access the monetary and services subsidy, which is granted by the Family Compensation Fund for its beneficiaries, in accordance with the parameters of the current law, as long as you have provided the evidence that accredits you as a beneficiary, as well as the special subsidy for beneficiaries with disabilities.
  8. 8. Receive an extraordinary allowance for death in the event of the death of a person in charge of the beneficiary worker, equivalent to 12 family allowances; The dependents also have the right in the event of the death of the beneficiary worker.
  9. 9. Apply for the housing subsidy as long as it meets the requirements of the law.
  10. 10. Apply for unemployment benefit, if you become unemployed and meet the requirements of the law.
  11. 11. Submit requests, complaints, claims, congratulations and suggestions, and obtain a timely response in the times established for each service.
  12. 12. Access the competent authorities and bodies for the protection of their rights.
  13. 13. Guarantee that the personal and business information supplied to the Fund is handled with responsibility and corresponding confidentiality.
  14. 14. Receive preferential care in the case of populations included in the following groups: older adults, pregnant women, the disabled and people with children in their arms.
  15. 15. Continue to enjoy the Caja's Training, Recreation and Social Tourism services, with the lowest rate it has contemplated, for pensioners who for 25 years were linked to the Family Subsidy System.
  16. 16. Request compensation in case of not receiving the service in accordance with the conditions offered or having a negative experience in the provision of services that are the responsibility of the Family Compensation Fund.
  17. 17. To exercise the right to petition for free and without the need for a proxy. 
  18. 18. To present petitions, inquiries, requests, complaints or claims, verbally, in writing or by any other suitable means established by the Family Compensation Fund.
  19. 19. To be informed about the management carried out regarding your request. 
  20. 20. Requests for recognition of a fundamental right to be received as a priority.
  21. 21. To demand compliance with the responsibilities of officials in the exercise of their functions as individuals of Social Security.
  22. 22. To exercise any other right recognized by the Constitution and the laws. 
  1. 1. Act according to the principle of good faith, refraining from using false statements or documents to verify your rights in front of the Compensation Fund.
  2. 2. Timely affiliate your family nucleus (spouse and children, parents and / or siblings who prove rights), presenting a duly completed membership form, without amendments, with truthful, clear and complete information, attaching current, legible and required by law documents. .
  3. 3. Update the documents required by law on the dates established by the Fund, in order to cause the right to the monetary subsidy.
  4. 4. Claim the document that accredits you as a member of the Fund, keeping it in good condition and present it each time you use the services, which is personal and non-transferable, and report the loss or misplacement to the Compensation Fund .
  5. 5. Update the data whenever there is place in a complete, truthful, clear and timely manner and inform the news of both the affiliation holder and his family nucleus, which affects his status as beneficiary.
  6. 6. Know the portfolio of services offered by the Compensation Fund, through the different communication channels that are available for this purpose.
  7. 7. Stay informed about the procedures, access conditions and restrictions associated with the use of the Caja's services.
  8. 8. Know and comply with the rules, procedures and regulations established by the Fund for the provision of services and access to them.
  9. 9. Make good use of the Caja's facilities, goods and services, following the indications, policies, rules, regulations and conditions of use. Take care of the facilities, prevent or report damages, annoyances, breakdowns or any type of damage.
  10. 10. Pay timely and fully the products and services purchased, according to the conditions established in each of the services.
  11. 11. Treat with dignity, respect and consideration the human personnel who attend them, as well as other users and their families, complying with the rules of coexistence and regulations for the use of the services established by the Fund.
  12. 12. Abide by the constitution and laws.   
  13. 13. Responsible exercise of their rights, and refrain from reiterating evidently inappropriate requests to avoid that the new requests filed become permanent reiterations that affect the times of the procedures and the agility of their response. 
  14. 14. Deliver the corresponding information in a timely manner to facilitate the identification of your procedure, request or need. 
  15. 15. Request, in a timely and respectful manner, documents and / or services. 
  16. 16. The dependencies of the Family Compensation Fund, work together and oriented to strengthen the relationship between citizens and the administration; They take care of receiving and managing each of your inquiries, requests, requests, complaints or claims, always committed to solving each requirement within the times established by law. 
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