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We are here to listen to our companies, workers, their families and users in general through our available information and service channels. We accompany you to know the benefits of your Family Compensation Fund, we also guide you in your concerns or claims.

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We present you a list with the most recurrent queries from our users so that you can resolve your concerns or write to our Diligent virtual advisor.

Website accessibility:

Thinking of making your life easier to access the services of the Compensation Fund, our corporate website has accessibility aids or tools for the benefit of users with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive and language disabilities. , learning or neurological, in order to facilitate navigability and information, and that you can interact on this site, with ease and full understanding of the content.
For this we have the following inclusive service and attention tools:
1. You can control actions within the web portal through the accessibility button such as:
* Change font and letter size
* Move from the keyboard through the different tabs or menus
* Help options and functionality from different devices. 
2. We have videos that have written messages, in subtitles and in audio, which facilitate reading and understanding. These videos allow you to play, pause, fast forward or skip.
3. We have videos in sign language.

Care channels:

Face-to-face care

At our headquarters located in Cali, Palmira, Buga, Tuluá, Cartago, Roldanillo, Sevilla, Caicedonia and Buenaventura.


Addressed to Comfenalco Valle Delagente, Calle 5 #6 - 63 Torre C, basement 1, Cali - Colombia.

Suggestions mailbox

Located in our administrative headquarters and Recreation Centers.

Information channels:

Corporate Website

Social networks

Virtual Advisor

Press the button of our virtual Advisor, Diligent.

Text messages

SMS Monetary subsidy.
SMS of programs or services.

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