Live the Valley, tourist routes

Live the Valley, tourist routes, is a program that offers experiences in the midst of majestic landscapes of five municipalities of Valle del Cauca: Pradera, Palmira, Guacarí, Cartago and Zarzal.

Explore valleys, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, history, culture and gastronomy that are part of Valle del Cauca's diversity and contribute to reactivate the local economy of the inhabitants.

Vive el Valle, is an initiative of the Transmission Group of Bogotá Energy Group and Comfenalco Valle Delagente, to promote sustainable tourism in the region.

We invite you to choose your destination to start with this great opportunity to get to know our region.


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Meadow "Kwet Wala Ancestral Stone Route"

Feel the tranquility, rest and reconnection with nature. A trip to the past to learn about the roots of the Kwet Wala indigenous culture, an indigenous community with more than 200 inhabitants belonging to the Nasa people. Harmonize your energy in the "Big Stone", an ancestral symbol that represents the spirits or guardians of the territory.

Guacarí "Experience Route of the Grape and the Videles Wetland"

Admire the colonial architecture and discover the history of the great saman, a tree protected by the inhabitants of Guacarí and which, due to its exemplary conservation, was chosen to be part of the Colombian coin of $500 pesos….

Zarsal - Ruta antaño montañero y arte interactivo - Vive el valle

Zarzal "Of yesteryear mountaineering and interactive art

Awaken your senses and recharge yourself with the green landscape of the Zarzal mountain farms. Listen to the song of the birds, get to know the chigüiros of the area and enjoy mirrors of water in the middle of nature, which you can explore on horseback...

Palmyra "Ancestral Route"

Visit the Museum and the archaeological find in a farm in Palmira and be amazed by the history of the Malagan culture, learn about more than 220 pieces that were found under the deep lands of rural areas. Delight your palate by tasting the largest puff pastry, one of the gastronomic delights of Valle del Cauca.

Carthage "A sun embroidered with Stories"

The capital of embroidery is the point where the Valle del Cauca and coffee cultures are linked. Get to know its colonial architecture that is the testimony of a historical past. On the La Vieja river, from Los Remansos, the raft trip awaits you to go to the 25-meter-high Los Micos waterfall where you can enjoy a relaxing walk and a refreshing bath…


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