Eyebrow Design and Eyelash Placement – Cali

Eyebrow Design and Eyelash Placement – Cali

Nuestras cejas y pestañas contribuyen a resaltar la expresividad de nuestro rostro. La clave para darle mayor armonía a nuestra mirada es lograr tener unas cejas bien diseñadas y depiladas. Mientras que, para las pestañas, es esencial saber la medida exacta del ojo con el fin de cortarlas a la medida correcta.

The eyebrows are the frame of the look and must harmonize with the whole of the facial oval. A good eyebrow design gives you a lifting effect on the face, enhances the look and makes the look more expressive. Not all faces are the same, so all eyebrows cannot be plucked in the same way. The design must be made in a personalized way and adapt to the morphology of your face.

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