Family Housing Subsidy for Non-members of the Family Compensation Fund

Family Housing Subsidy for Non-members of the Family Compensation Fund

The National Government, through the National Housing Fund, entered into a management commission contract with the Family Compensation Funds throughout the country, so that they support the process to obtain the family subsidy for social housing for families that do not have affiliation with the Family Compensation Fund.

The National Government will call for and assign social interest housing subsidies, according to the budget and schedule established annually. The Compensation Funds will disseminate the call, orientation to applicants and bidders, application, certification and review of the application, delivery of letters of allocation of the family housing subsidy, receipt of replacement resources, review and verification of documents , certification of existence and habitability (purchase of used housing), to make effective the payment of family housing subsidies in all its modalities.

The subsidy application forms will only be delivered by the Family Compensation Funds, when the National Government determines an opening date for the respective call. Interested family groups will be able to consult permanently about the opening date of the calls, in any of the offices of the Fund, throughout the department.

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